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Best file manager apps for Android:our suggestions

Best file manager apps for Android: A file manager is an indispensable tool when we keep a lot of files in our smartphone or tablet. More and more data is being written on mobile devices – from documents to movies. The computer is no longer the primary place for us to collect information. There are also widespread use of memory cards that expand on smartphones and tablets, and so little data space. Here are the apps we choose that will perfectly manage your files.

However, since there are plenty of File Managers available on Play Store for Android devices. Obviously, each one having their own pros and cons. Choosing a good File Manager app is quite a difficult task. But I tried to find some best File mangers for you and here are the suggestions.

1. ES File Explorer Pro

ES File Explorer is available for Android from the very beginning of its existence. There is no place to save on functionality and flaw – the application offers literally everything you need. Some time ago the program was taken over and developed by other developers, but it does not affect its quality in any way. The app can flawlessly manage the files with cut, copy, paste, rename, and compress operations. Transfer of apps, images, music, movies, documents, without using mobile data and cables. Support same Wi-Fi mode & auto-created hotspot. In addition, it has got Built-in viewers, root browsers, and players for various file types.

The ES File Explorer is also available as a free version, but be prepared to find ads and tons of unnecessary add-ons.

Download Free version:

Developer: ES Global
Price: Free+

Buy & Download Free version:

Developer: ES Global
Price: $2.99

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2. ASUS ZenUI File Manager

Manufacturers typically implement their own file manager for Android Smartphones and ASUS as well provided an inbuilt file manager in their smartphones. The difference is, however, that the Taiwanese producer decided to place this program in the Play Store so that it is available for everyone. ASUS File Manager offers a simple, clean interface, supports cloud storage, and easily archives any data. Best of all, the program is fully available for free!

3. Solid Explorer

For a while ago, Solid Explorer was an alternative to ES File Explorer, but as the months passed, it became so good that it no longer had to compete with anyone. In the app, you will find an interface created in Material Design, cloud storage support, Chromecast playback, or even themes – if the main version of the app did not appeal to you. Solid Explorer is available in both free and paid versions. It depends on you which one you choose to choose.

Developer: NeatBytes
Price: Free

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4. Total Commander

Definitely, it’s a powerful commander of files for Android. Although, its UI is little odd and not that much pleasing compared to other File Managers. The features and capabilities that it offers, nullifies the aesthetic issue of the Total Commander.

Most importantly, the support for NTFS file system makes it special and stand out from other explorers. Devices that support USB host could access NTFS Harddisks or Pendrives with the help of Paragon UMS plugin of the Total Commander. In addition, various Plug-ins and add-ons are available for the Total Commander.

5. ASTRO File Manager

ASTRO File Manager is not a revolution, but it has been a solid market position for many years. Since its installation, ASTRO has made it easy to handle as well as the fact that it is fully available for free. In addition to viewing files, ASTRO File Manager also allows you to manage your smartphone processes or backup your entire device. You can also view files on your SD card, LAN, and even Facebook. It is also possible to add FTP and SMB files.

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Final words on Best file manager apps for Android

You are free to use any file manager as well as the pre-installed file manager provided by your device manufacturer but for some advanced features you need to install a third-party file manager app so we find out some apps that are best and smooth so you should try them and the final decision is yours which you want to keep or delete.

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