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How to make single name account on Facebook (without proxy & in Mobile)

How to make single name account on Facebook: Facebook doesn’t allow you to create an account only with the First Name, It is necessary to provide the last name when you create an account on Facebook. If you try to create single name account on Facebook then Facebook won’t let you do this. But There are some tricks that can help you to Hide Last Name On Facebook or you can completely remove Last Name On Facebook.

How to make single name account on Facebook

There are many Posts on the web that claims that you can create Single Name Account On Facebook, But most of them are Fake or need too much work and things to Hide the last name on FB. Like some tricks need Indonesia VPN, only PC or something like that. But in this post, I’ll tell you a simple trick to create single name account on facebook. This trick to hide last name on Facebook Doesn’t need any special things you can use this on PC and Mobile also. Yes, you can create single name account on Facebook using mobile. So let’s see how to do it.

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Requirments to make single name account on Facebook

Single Name On Facebook without Proxy in Mobile

Now we are going to hide/delete the Last name from a Facebook account so first let me show you the profile page before removing the last name.

So you can see the name is Ravi Singh Now and we’ll change it to just Ravi, SO let’s start.

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Note: You can use any Browser But Chrome would be a good choice in PC and Mobile Phone both.

Steps to make Single Name Account On Facebook


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Video Tutorial

So guys this is the simple trick to Hide Last name on Facebook without using any VPN. Hope you guys enjoyed the trick and if you want more interesting tricks please share this post on Facebook and Whatsapp. You can Like My Facebook page and subscribe my YouTube Channel for new tips tricks and hacks.

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