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Trick to Install Chrome extension in Android

Trick to Install Chrome extension in Android1

Google Chrome is a powerful and most popular browser out there. The Chrome Web Store is one of the facilities that Google offers you so you can extend the browser features. You can find Chrome Extension for many kinds of thing when it comes to the Desktop browsers but Google doesn’t have any such extension support for Chrome Android Browser. And we can’t see any sign that Google is planning to give extension support for Android Chrome browser.

Trick to Install Chrome extension in Android

Today I will tell a very simple trick to install Chrome Extensions on Android Browser without any root or tweak. With the help of a similar browser like Chrome which supports add-on installation from Chrome Store. The browser is based on Chrome and has a nice user interface too. it may not support all the Chrome extensions due to limitations of Mobile phone web.

So here is the Trick to Install Chrome extension in Android

Install Chrome Extension on Android Browser

if you want to check all of the installed extensions you can go yo the setting->extensions section and find out how many extensions you have installed.

You can also Disable any extension or delete if you want. In this way, you can add more features to your browser.

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