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Now you can create verified business account on WhatsApp ✅

WhatsApp keeps bringing news week after week and increasing its popularity  We recently had some really interesting changes and features in Whatsapp like sending any file, photo Gallery etc But the new features which will gonna catch everyone’s attention is verified business account on WhatsApp.

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Yes very soon nearly in future you will be able to create a Business account on WhatsApp where you can handle business queries and customer problems on your official WhatsApp account that will have a verified symbol ✅ in front of your Business Name or company name. WhatsApp also has some emojis that looks like the verified symbol that’s why WhatsApp is going to limit emoji usage in the name so nearly in future maybe a normal user won’t be able to use some specific emojis in Name.

In the current version of  beta, it has been observed that verified business account on WhatsApp is confirmed but These accounts are currently in pilot phase and are still far from reaching users, but it will certainly be a very precious feature.

if we go to this page of Whatsapp we have a list of new features that specify the functions that will be available in this type of accounts. There are still many mysteries to solve, but we know this for now:

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Final Words on verified business account on WhatsApp

Definitely, this feature will gonna increase WhatsApp’s popularity and the number of users because WhatsApp is known for its simplicity and security and this feature would be helpful for business owners to provide better support to their customers.

Hope this information is helpful for you if you are excited about this feature, tell us in the comment section and share this info with your friends and business partners.

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