How to install Google camera MOD in MIA1 without Root: MIA1 is First Phone By Xiaomi which is Based on Stock Android & People loving it because it comes with powerful hardware and Smooth Stock Android. It has an SD625 processor, 12+12 MP rear Camera, 4GB Ram and other things which makes it one of the Best Budget-Friendly Phone.

Google camera MOD in MIA1 without Root:

MIA1 Camera is quite Decent and we can take pretty Amazing Photos with it but we always want Better things than we have now. And we can Improve MIA1 Camera with the Help of Google Camera Mod after Enabling HAL3 and EIS.

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But every custom modification needs Root permission and custom recovery but Fortunately, to Enable HAL3 and EIS in MIA1 we do not need to Root the device and do not need to unlock bootloader and we do not need to install TWRP. We can use Google Camera mod in MIA1 without losing OTA updates and without Root. This is possible because of an XDA developer AridaneAM’s great work. He managed to make a very useful Tool which automates the Process and install Google Camera MOD without Root. According to him, he is still getting OTA updates so this method does not affect your Bootloader and OTA updates. 

How it’s Possible (G Cam in MiA1 without Root)

The Process looks pretty straightforward from the front but it’s actually complicated.  This tool Unlocks your Phone’s Bootloader temporary and then installs TWRP temporary and after finishing the process it again locks the Bootloader and your Stock recovery will be back so it won’t affect the OTA updates.

How to Enable Camera 2 API & install Google camera MOD in MIA1 without Root [Step By Step]

Pre Requirments:

  1. Windows PC.
  2. MIA1 Device.
  3. Tool (Download from below).
  4. Little knowledge.

Step 1: Download the Tool from the link given below.

Download Tool

  • Extract the zip file (Do not change the name).
  • Right-click on GCam MiM1.exe and choose Run as Administrator(Choose YES then).


Step 2: Install ADB & Fastboot Drivers.

  • Once the tool will open choose the First option Install Drivers.

  • Choose 1.4.3 but if your device won’t detect in next steps you can install version 1.3.

  • Now Type in command window when it asks to install drivers. (You Need to type three times)

  • Choose Next then install to install the Android Driver by Goole Inc.

  • Close the driver’s windows.

Step 3: Enable Developer option and disable securities (temporary).

Now head over to your phone and now you have to enable Developer options.

  • Go to Setting>About Phone and tab 5-7 times on Build number to enable Developer Options.
  • Now you’ll be able to see Developer Options on Setting.
  • Open Developer Options and Enable USB Debugging.

  • Enable OEM Unlock.

  • Now, remover all Finger Print lock and PIN, Password, Pattern or any other if you have. We can Enable all after the Process.

Note: Disable every Security option you are using and disable other 3rd party security app if you are using any.

Step 4: Connect Your Phone to PC via USB.

Now connect your Phone to the PC in which we have installed drivers in Step 2. If Possible use the Original Cable or a Good Company’s Cable otherwise your Device won’t get detected or maybe stuck in between the process.

After connecting the Device:

  • Open Command Prompt just by typing CMD in Start menu.
  • Type adb devices to make sure your Device is connected.


  • In your phone, you’ll get a prompt to Allow USB debugging. Select OK to allow it.
  •  You can reconfirm that your device is connected or not just by typing adb devices command and you’ll be able to see the device id in CMD window.

Step 5: Install Gcan using the Tool.

After Connecting the Device now click on the Camera Icon on the Tool and Allow Debugging prompt on your phone if it’ll ask.

  • After clicking on this icon you can see the process status at the bottom bar of the tool.

Note: If you get an error when you click it, close the tool and again run it as Administrator.

  • Your Phone will go into FastBoot Mode first. and the tool will unlock Bootloader temporary.

  • Your Phone will Go into TWRP recovery Mode(Temporary recovery).

  • Do not touch anything in TWRP it’ll DO everything itself and will be boot into FastBoot again.

NOTE: If you get stuck in TWRP, select “Keep Read Only”DO NOT “Swipe to allow modifications”.

  • After sometime Your Device will be Rebooted.
  • Now you have to change some settings in Google Camera App to use it.

Step 6: Configure Google Camera in MiA1

  • Open Google Camera App and allow all permission and Go to Setting>Advance Setting.


Now select these settings:

  1. HDR+ Parameters: Super High
  2. Enable Portrait Mode
  3. Enable USE ZSL.
  4. 100% HDR+ Image Quality.
  5. Enable “Improve Photos In Low Light”.
  • Now Force Close the App and reopen it and you can use it.

That’s all you have to Do to Enable Camera 2 API in MIA1 and you can use Google Camera mod in MIA1.

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FAQ: [Answers By Developer of this Tool]

Q: Installing GCam in this way the OTA are working? Camera2Api and EIS keeps enabled?

A: According to my test with December to January Oreo, yes and yes.

Q: What can I do if my phone gets stuck in fastboot/twrp or the camera app crash?

A: Check if all security is turned off. Use the program as administrator.
Install Qualcomm drivers and/or mi pc suite.
If the phone keeps getting stuck in fastboot/twrp: Open device manager and check if there is any driver error:

To open Device Manager :

  • Right click on My Computer Icon
  • choose to manage.
  • choose Device Manager.

Click on “update driver software”, “browse my computer for driver software”, “let me pick from…” and select one from the list.

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Final Words:

This the way you can use Google Camera Mod in MIA without losing warranty and without losing OTA updates. Hope this article will help you. Like our FB Page and Subscribe MY youtube Channel for cool stuff like this.

Image Credit: Gautam Thapar


  1. Hi there,

    I already on step 4 but failed. I did the developer option things, and open all security.
    When i tried the adb devices command, it didnt show the device code. Only says : list of device attached. and nothing shows up on my phone.

    Help please.


  2. hello. please. i need help. I selected swipe to allow modifications…..and next i selected REBOOT-TO BOOTLOADER.
    The phone reboot and the camera are installed. but don’t works……

      • Ok. But at now, on TWRP only shows me the options:


        Dont shows me the options:
        Keep read only and Swipe to allow modifications.
        Pass directly to next menú


        • If 📷 app was installed last time it means all process was successful but you said the app was crashing so you have to download new updated app from XDA..

          Search Google camera mod xda


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