Nowadays, we are living in a world that is fully filled with rich materials. Then we’ll concentrate on the spirit world and digital world online. To remember some special time, we’ll do something special for the bid day, like making a video, photographic, etc. PearlMountain thinks a spectacular tool to design wonderful photo graphics is very essential for users especially for those who are not designers. Then it released DesignCap.  

What is DesignCap?

DesignCapis a web-based photo graphic design tool with an attractive and easy-to-use interface for anyone, a website with various functionalities where you can design and share any content with your families and friends.

DesignCap is incessantly become an indispensable tool for marketing professionals, bloggers and small business owners, designers, and many personal users, although its great advantage is that it enables non-designers to create simple and beautiful graphics content in a short time.

The amazing way to use DesignCap for business is to create and publish attractive content that will attract your potential customers and retain existing ones. All you need to do is choose the perfect template and add images, fonts, and colors, etc. that fit the style you want.

How to make a design with DesignCap?

Checking on its website, you will find that you can finish a great design within DesignCap app in just 3 steps: choose a template, get it customized and save & share. Here let’s see the details of each step.

1. Choose a template


DesignCap provides a wide variety of wonderful templates for different topics to generate the design that best suits your needs: social media arts, marketing materials, infographics, flyers, invitations, logos, and even menus, allowing you to share it as digital material and as printed material. Once you open its home page:, you opt to register an account or not. To upload your own image or other elements to your account, you’d better register an account. It’s very quick to register one with your email address or log in with your Google account or Facebook account. Then, just choose a specific category to choose a particular template to start your design. Anyhow, if you already have an idea in mind, you can get started from scratch with a blank template. 

2. Get it customized

It’s time to make the design customized. DesignCap gives users many handy tools for editing the design. First, let’s check its Element section. In the Element section, it includes both preset shapes and millions of icons available for online searching. In terms of the preset shapes, you can see there are a line, solid shape, outlined shape and outlined the solid shape. Under each category, there are many different styles to suit your design best. For example, I choose a rectangle from the solid shape category. I can then resize it, and add color, width, opacity to this shape. And it’s freely to adjust its layer as well.


To the other Element category, there are millions of icons that can be easily searched online in the DesignCap app. All you need to do is type your keyword into the search bar to press enter key tp process it. Once you find the one you like to add it to your design and make some adjustments. It’s just the same to make changes to the preset icons, pretty easy.

Second, I’d love to say something about its Photo and Upload sections. Both of the two sections are just for photo adding. One the one hand, DesignCap allows you to use its stock photos from its millions of online resources just like what for the icons I talked about before; on the other hand, it allows you to upload your own photos or logo and decorate your graphic design. If you upload your life photos to your own account, DesignCap will save it online for later use when you log in to your account next time.


Next, I’d love to talk about its Text. There is a wide selection of preset test styles on the left. You can just select one and apply it to your word in the design. Alternatively, you can manually adjust its font, color, size, style, alignment, spacing, etc. These text features will help you make your photograph more appealing.    


Another cool editing feature is Modules. This is what I love most. For many amateurs who want to make amazing infographic content to their blog or website, this is very great as well. As you can see there are several practical categories for different topics like icons& text, image & text, options, steps, timelines, diagrams, comparisons. statistics, and SWOT. DesignCap offers many infographics templates as well. You can check them here:  


Last, make other adjustments to your design to make it perfect. You have the option to change background for your design with a solid color or gradient color as well as using a preset image pattern. You can also group the elements or ungroup them to make it more convenient for editing.  

3. Save & share

Once you have finished your work you can download the image in the formats of JPG, PNG, and PDG and use it anywhere. In addition, DesignCap allows you to save it as a project online for future editing or print it out directly through the app. You can also share your design on social networks or send it directly by email. To get a quick sharing, you can share the design directly anywhere online with the URL.

Why we choose DesignCap?


  • It’s an online tool. There is no need to make any other download or installation to make a design.
  • It is very easy, intuitive and quick to use.
  • The designs can be stored online for later editing (if necessary).
  • We can use our own images.
  • It offers a large number of templates and other art resources.


  • It has no version for iPad and iPhone.
  • Some resources are paid.

Final words

All in all, DesignCap is a decent web application due to its ease of use, versatility, and price. It is a graphic design tool developed for users of all levels, with which you can get fast and attractive solutions for any photographic designs. It will help you create works of art like a pro.


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