Shopify is great for starting an online shop quickly & start selling your products. Shopify comes with all the essential features you need to start selling your products, managing orders/inventory accepting payments, etc.

After working on many Shopify stores as a developer, I noticed that there is one essential and basic feature that is missing in Shopify.

Customer Edit Profile Page in Shopify is not something that you get out of the box in a Shopify store. As a store owner, you’ll want your customer to update their latest details in their Profile for better communication. Shopify doesn’t have an Edit Profile Page in the account section which is weird because almost all Big E-commerce website gives their customer an option to update their profile.

After doing some research, I found out that there is no easy way to add an Account update page in Shopify. There is one app that used to work fine before but is not maintained anymore so I decided to develop one app for the stores I was working on.

The app is very simple and only provides a single feature for now, which is the Edit Profile page for Shopify stores. I uploaded the app to Shopify App Store so other stores can also get benefited from it.

How To add Edit Profile Page for Shopify customers

  1. Install Easy Profile Editor App from the Shopify App Store.
Shopify update profile page

2. After installing the app you can choose what are the fields that you want to allow your customers to edit, For example, Email, Mobile number, etc.

shopify update profile page

3. After saving the settings you can visit https://your-store-url/a/edit-profile to check the page is working for you or not.

Edit customer profile in Shopify

As you can see in the above screenshot, Now your customers can update their profile details on their own easily.

Final Words

I am the developer of this Shopify app, So if you find any missing feature or any issue regarding installation you can contact me from the app setting screen. Also, let me know if there are any improvements that I can make to the app to make it better.

This is my first Shopify App and there are many things that need improvement, so feel free to send me an email at [email protected]


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