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Since the expansion of smartphones, the demand for video has grown very fast, and people tend to consume their television time on YouTube. Today, many influencers are born from the distribution of videos from YouTube and TikTok, and many people enter because they can take advantage of business opportunities.

People interested in YouTube, but cannot take that step easily, would say: I want to try YouTube, but video editing seems complicated. It is not something that anyone can do for the first time. Yes, it is a big hurdle called “video editing.” Today I’ll introduce you to FlexClip, a video editing software that runs in the browser. I will introduce the functions and use of FlexClip, pricing plans, etc. If you want to learn how to edit videos for the first time but don’t know if you can do it, please read it to the end.

FlexClip Features

FlexClip is video editing software that can be done with a browser. Among its characteristics, these are some of the main ones:

  1. Easy-to-use online platform.
  2. Easy to use user interface.
  3. It offers rich animation elements for dynamic text, overlays, widgets, logos, etc.
  4. It has millions of royalty-free multimedia resources, including images, music, video templates, and more.
  5. It is a complete and powerful video editing tool to trim videos and music, adjust images, change aspect ratios, add effects, text, watermarks, etc.

Advantages of FlexClip

1. Over 1 million resources

Of course, editing work is difficult when making a video, but it is also challenging to prepare materials (videos, photos, music) to use in the video. It requires the purchase of equipment and skills, and if you try to prepare everything yourself, it can be more complicated than editing a video. You can buy it on the site that offers the material, but it is not that cheap, so it will be difficult for beginners to start. But FlexClip offers its own media gallery with all your videos, photos, and music. The total number exceeds millions!

2. It runs in a web browser

Most video editing software is installed and used on a computer or tablet, but FlexClip is video editing software that runs in a web browser like Safari or Chrome. Since no installation is required, the hard drive is not overwhelmed by software, and even people using laptops with a small storage capacity can use it. I tested it on two of my computers (8GB Windows8 memory, 32GB Macbook Pro memory), but the running feel was almost the same, and I can operate it smoothly on both computers. So you don’t need an advanced.

3. Easy to understand editing interface

FlexClip has an easy-to-use editing interface. FlexClip is based on two modes: timeline and storyboard. You can connect short videos one by one to make a long video. If you want to add text, effects, or animations to your video, select any from the list on the left.

You have the option to change the text color and font from the menu at the top of the preview screen. You are able to change the speed of the video to do it in slow motion. There are many illustrations and icons, and most of the SNS videos you might need are available. Adding a watermark to your video is also allowed. What’s more, You can change the video’s aspect ratio by selecting the settings tab (gear icon). Since you can easily set the video’s aspect ratio, you can easily change it according to the medium of the video.

Disadvantages of FlexClip

It cannot be used without a PC and the Internet.

FlexClip is video editing software that runs in a web browser, so it cannot be used unless you are connected to the Internet. Also, since it is not compatible with smartphones and tablets, a computer is essential. This software is not suitable for people who quickly edit videos on their smartphones.

FlexClip pricing plan

Last but not least, I would like to introduce the functional differences and prices between the free version and the paid version. Since it is a web service, it is a monthly subscription. First of all, try the free version enough, and if you need a functionally paid version, you have to order it. You can use video material from a rich library even with the free version, but you can only use 480p video output.

My recommendation is the “Business Plan,” which allows you to use five video materials and produce a 30-minute video in Full HD. If you are on an annual contract, you can use it for $19.99 a month, so the cost performance is good and the most robust.


As for the printing of using FlexClip, I thought it was convenient to easily create videos in the browser and use it without installing software. A lot of templates can be used for YouTube video titles and ending, so I thought it would be convenient for creating YouTube videos. Also, I thought it would be convenient to make a video explaining the PC screen because I could record the video for each desktop screen or software running on the PC and edit the recorded video. You can also record your own voice with a microphone. I thought it was a multifunctional video editing software worth trying. If you are looking for powerful video editing software, why not give it a try.


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