If you looked at the IOS 11 control center then surely you would have liked it, probably the most beautiful thing in iPhone which attracts most of Android users is its look and handy control center.

well, Android notification cente।r is also handy but as we know IOS has control center on the bottom of the screen and Android’s notification panel placed on top so sometimes it’s hard to access when we are typing and phone’s screen is a bit large.

IOS 11 control center

Every problem has a solution, well we’ll gonna talk about the solution for this problem. You can find a large variety of Apps on PlayStore to get IOS like control center in your Android device but I have chosen a  very cool App and you would like it for sure, the most attractive thing about this app is its UI and customizations, it looks so cool and surely it’ll give a decent look to your phone. So let’s come on the App.

How to Get iOS 11 Control Center on Android

We don’t need any type of special permission like ROOTED device to get IOS like control center in your Android device we just need to download an App and you’ll give a decent look to your device. An Application named IOS 11 Control center gives to freedom to use IOS 11 control center in your Android just go ahead and download it from below and install it.

Control Center iOS 15
Control Center iOS 15
Developer: LuuTinh Developer
Price: Free

You can watch this video demonstration to get an idea what will you get from this App.

So if you like this download it and After downloading the app just open it and your IOS 11 control center will appear on the bottom of the screen, yes you can manage the position from the app setting if you’re not comfortable.

IOS 11 control center

After setting up all things you can control some basic tools like calculator, music, brightness etc from the IOS 11 control center which you just placed at your favorite location.IOS 11 control center

Final Words

This App gives a very cool look to your device and if you like to do experimental customization with your device then you should try it at least once.Finally, if you like this share this guide with your friends and social sites and subscribe our YouTube channel for interesting videos.




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