MIUI is known for its eye candy look which attracts users and MIUI is one of the main reason behind the success of Xiaomi Phones although price also matters because Xiaomi’s Phones are pocket-friendly and comes with good build quality.

    The Current MIUI ROM is MIUI 8 and users are waiting for new MIUI9. Xiaomi’s official MIUI Weibo page hinted that MIUI 9 is coming soon and according to MIUI official, Lei Jun

 MIUI 9 will be extremely smooth, really powerful and quite stable.

MIUI 9 rumors and leaks are slowly coming that indicates some cool features of MIUI9.

Update 1:

Xiaomi has confirmed that MIUI 9 will be launched before August 16.

MIUI9 will definitely come with some cool and unique features and it would be an Android Nougat based OS and it’ll serve nougat features with better user interface. Here are some rumored features of MIUI9.

Multi Window Support

This feature was newly introduced in Android N and because  MIUI 9 will be an Android N based Rom so it’ll be interesting to see how MIUI customize it to make it more useful for users.

Doze Mode

MIUI9 developers working on improved Doze Mode feature which will actually hibernate the apps instead of killing process and it’ll help to save some battery.

Quick Reply

This feature will help users to reply directly from apps notifications so they don’t need to open apps for every notification.

Improved Data Saver

Newly improved data saver will prevent apps to consume mobile data in the background and will help to save the mobile internet.


Picture-in-Picture will be the highlighted feature in the new MIUI9 this feature will enhance the multitasking experience. this feature will allow users to see multimedia in a small window on top of the running app. 


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