Have you just started your new Shopify Store or running it for a while and looking for opportunities to increase your sales?

If yes then this post is for you. We are looking into 5 Must-have Shopify apps for your Shopify Store. These apps provide some basic features which are essential for your Shopify Store and your customers.

Easy Profile Editor 🔗


Easy Profile Editor Shopify app is an essential Shopify app that allows your customers to edit their profile information such as Email, Phone Number, Name, etc. This feature is not available in Shopify Store by default and is most requested by the Store customers because for small information updates they have to contact the Shopify Store owner.

Hulk Form Builder 🔗

Shopify apps for new store in 2023

Hulk form builder is an easy-to-use form-building app for Shopify which allows Shopify Store owners to create different types of forms for their customers and collect data including files, and conditional forms, and also allows sending email notifications on form actions.

Power Tools Bulk Edit Tags 🔗

Best shopify apps for store in 2023

Bulk Edit tags Shopify app is one of the most useful apps I have found while working on different Shopify stores, this app allows Shopify store owners to Edit Tags for different products in bulk, you can replace tags, add new tags based on currently added tags, update tags and much more. The best thing is that this app is totally free.

AfterShip Order Tracking & SMS 🔗

Order tracking is an essential feature for any E-commerce store. Aftership Shopify app provides you with an Order tracking page for 800+ shipping providers. You can use this app for free for 50 orders per month. Aftership also allows you to integrate with your choice of shipping providers so you can ship your orders with ease.

Instafeed ‑ Instagram Feed 🔗

If you have an Instagram page where you post about your Brand and about your store products and discounts then this is a must-have Shopify app for you. Instafeed let you show your Instagram photos on your store easily.

These are the 5 Must-Have Shopify Apps in 2023 for A Shopify Store that I found very useful for a Shopify store, I hope these apps will help you grow your business and attract more customers. Please feel free to suggest more apps in the comment section.


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