Convert any torrent to Google Drive: If you know how to download files from a torrent then probably you use any torrent client like uTorrent or BitTorrent. These 2 are very popular and most used torrent clients available.

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If you want to store the torrent file on a cloud like Google drive then you have to download it first and then you can upload it to Gdrive. It means you need data for downloading and uploading both, which is not possible if you have a limited internet plan.

Torrent to Google Drive link

What if you can directly upload the torrent file to Google drive and then download it in full speed or keep it for future use! sounds interesting right?

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Yes it is possible to upload the torrent directly to the Google drive and you can do it just in 3 steps and it’s totally free. You just need to follow some really simple steps to convert any torrent to google drive.

How to convert any torrent to Google Drive link

To convert any torrent to Google drive link or upload a torrent to google drive directly you have to follow some steps that  I have explained in the video. These steps are kinda complicated to explain in words so you can watch the step by step video and upload any torrent directly to the Google drive.



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