Downloading videos from Facebook and the internet, in general, may be easier than you might think. With the use of Chrome video downloading extensions, for example, one click is enough for all material to be transferred to your computer. Check out our list of 10 interesting and useful options to help you with this task.

5. Flash Video Downloader

Download common and Flash videos from several different sources of the internet with Flash Video Downloader. The program claims to download 99% of the content found on the internet in an uncomplicated way.

Flash Video Downloader
Flash Video Downloader
Developer: NextGenDev
Price: Free

Flash Video Downloader

To download a video, simply click on the extension button next to the toolbar. You can choose from several quality options before downloading the file.

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4. Video Downloader PLUS

How about downloading multiple files at the same time to your computer? Then try Video Downloader PLUS. It is another extension that allows you to download videos from Facebook as well as other sites.

Video Downloader PLUS
Video Downloader PLUS

FBDown Video Downloader

3. vGet Extension

This extension doesn’t allow you to download videos from Youtube. But If you want to stream content from your browser to another device then this will be useful for you. It allows you to share videos with TVs that rely on DLNA(Digital Living Network Alliance) technology.

2. Video Downloader professional

If you want to create a list of videos without having to download them to your computer, then Video Downloader professional can be a good option. So you have quick access to the content that matters without having to go back to the original page of each site.

Video Downloader Professional
Video Downloader Professional
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

Video Downloader professional

The extension also downloads the videos you want to the hard drive in various formats and qualities. In addition, it is capable of playing MP4 files through Chromecast, directly on your TV.

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1. is another application capable of downloading almost any video from the internet. It is very interesting because it creates a link or button inside the site itself, making the activity even simpler and easier.



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