Grub: Fix Grub bootloader Errors

Grub bootloader helps us when we dual boot our system with Linux and Windows operating system. It promotes a menu where we can choose our installed OS, but sometimes because of different reasons grub boot loader get crashed or stopped working then we can’t able to boot with our Linux OS or sometimes we even can’t boot with Windows.
The very popular issue about grub bootloader is grub rescue error this error caused because of many reasons such as corrupted files, reinstallation of windows etc.
Grub: Fix Grub bootloader Errors
So in this article, i am going to fix this type of grub issues, this is a video guide so you can understand well.

Topics Covered:

  •  Grub rescue error on startup.
  •  Grub bootloader not showing on startup.
  •  Grub boot loader crashed.
  •  Grub not showing after reinstalling windows[windows7,8,8.1,10]5
  • Other grub issues.


This video guide will surely fix your issues and you can again boot with grub.
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