As we told you earlier about WhatsApp verified business account, the new feature of WhatsApp and this feature brings a series of changes for the common users that we have to endure. One of the things that will change is the use of WhatsApp emojis. It will not affect the conversations but in the usernames of the billions of people who use the application.

WhatsApp limits the emojis that we can put in our name

Soon we will see how some companies around the world will use WhatsApp to communicate with their customers, so you can place an order, or a query through WhatsApp. These companies will have a verified account, which will be differentiated by a series of symbols in their name. This means that some of the emoji can not be placed on our behalf.

You will continue to use emojis for your name, but with restrictions

The new verified accounts will have symbols and different emoji to know that we are a business account. This leaves users with a restriction on using emojis in our WhatsApp name, as some of them could be very similar to the verification symbols.

WhatsApp limits the emojis that we can put in our nameAt the moment we do not know about the emojis that can not be used in the WhatsApp names, but everything indicates that the arrows, verification symbols and so on will be vetoed in this section of the application. Fortunately, we can continue to use them in the conversations, where there will be no restrictions.

Although it may seem absurd, it really is not, since with this measure is attempted to minimize the use of Phishing with new business accounts . We will see how the companies implement all of this.

Final Words on “WhatsApp limits the emojis that we can put in our name”

WhatsApp is becoming a very different application than what we saw a few years ago, and although some take this as an advantage, it seems that communicating with our contacts now will not be the only thing we can do through the application.


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