How to get WhatsApp message recall feature: Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging and already have millions of downloads. as we know Whatsapp is improving the app for best user experience and releasing new features in every new update that make the chat experience better. Whatsapp Recently added the photo status features and it was loved by the users. As we know WhatsApp will gonna launch the Business account very soon but before the business account feature WhatsApp gave a surprise to the users and now you have a really cool and most useful feature. This feature is Whatsapp message recall feature, If you don’t know about this feature now then you’ll be amazed after knowing about this really cool feature of WhatsApp.

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What is WhatsApp message recall feature and how to get it

Whatsapp’s message recall feature is a really helpful feature that allows us to recall an already send and delivered message. Recall means you can delete a sent message from the recipient’s device so he/she can’t read it so if you sent anything wrong and you realized that you should change the message text then you can recall the message so it’ll be deleted from the recipient’s Whatsapp and from your device too. So the recipient won’t be able to read it. Now in next part of this article, I am going to give you a step by step guide to get this feature so you can know How to get WhatsApp message recall feature.

How to get WhatsApp message recall feature

Maybe you have heard about the Recall feature of Whatsapp, Their was some rumors about this feature and finally, this feature is available to use. But this feature is not available for all users easily so you have to wait until WhatsApp will release it for all.But if you want this feature right now and want to know “How to get WhatsApp message recall feature” then this article will help you. I am going to write a step by step guide to get Whatsapp message recall feature in your in your Android phone. I have already uploaded a video on YouTube in which I demonstrated this feature so if you want the video tutorial you can find the video at the end of this article.

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Pre-requirements for WhatsApp message recall feature:

  • An android phone.
  • GbWhatsapp
  • Internet.

So these three things are the basic requirements for this feature if you are thinking What is GBWhatsapp then let me tell you it’s a Moded version of Official Whatsapp which gives you so many extra cool features, And I am using it because Whatsapp message recall is not available in official WhatsApp right now for all users. So you need GBWhatsapp to get this feature.

Steps to get WhatsApp message recall feature:

  • First of all, you need to install Gbwhastapp so click this download button below and download it.

Download GBWhatsApp

  • Now install it like any other application and open it. If you want to know more about GBWhatsApp just go ahead and Watch my videos about Whatsapp on official YouTube channel of Softopia.
  • Now when you are chatting and want to recall a message just select it and tap on 3 dot button on the upper right corner then tap on Recall and it’ll ask for your confirmation just tap on Recall again.

How to get WhatsApp message recall feature

  • As you can see “You recalled this message” it means your message is deleted from Both devices.

How to get WhatsApp message recall feature

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So the steps I mentioned above can perfectly recall a message and delete the message from the both devices. Hope you’ll do it perfectly but still if you are facing any problem you can ask me in the comment section or Watch this video so you’ll understand it correctly.


Final words on How to get WhatsApp message recall feature:

WhatsApp’ message recall feature is a handy feature if you sent any wrong message by mistake or you want to delete any sent message that you sent before but now you realized that you have said something wrong.

So that’s all about the new Feature message recall. and I hope you have already understood that How to get WhatsApp message recall feature.  So if you like this article please share it and like our Facebook page for more interesting tech stuff.

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