Lite version of Android Apps are quite popular because they comsumes less data and less device storage.

Google launched some really great Lite apps and FB LITE by Facebook is one of the popular examples. The good news is. now your favorite social media app Instagram also has a Lite version called Instagram Lite.

Instagram Lite is only 579 KB in Size

Instagram launched the new Instagram Lite for low-end devices. This app is great for those who want to use Instagram but they don’t have enough storage or if they have Slow Internet.

The new app by Instagram is only consumes 573 KB data and less device storage when you install it for the first time which is obviously lesser than the original version of the Instagram app.

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This is Official App, not a Mod

If you are thinking that it’s not an official app by Instagram developers then you are wrong because it’s not a moded version like GB Instagram.

It’s an official app, made for users who have low-end mobile devices and the internet speed is slow.


Instagram Lite Features

This app is same as the original Instagram┬ábut because it’s lite version and it’s only 573 KB in size so you wouldn’t have some features that you have in the big version of Instagram. It doesn’t have the stickers, gif etc & the popular Direct features is also removed.

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Download Instagram Lite

The new Instagram Lite is not available in all the countries now but you can see it on the PlayStore. Just follow the link given below and Download it if its available in your country and for your Device.

Instagram Lite
Instagram Lite
Developer: Instagram
Price: To be announced


Instagram is one of the most popular apps among the teenagers and Instagram lite is really a relief who want to use Instagram but their device doesn’t have enough resources to run that smoothly.


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