Samsung has been working on its first smart speaker for much longer than expected. The launch date of the Galaxy Home Mini has been delayed many times that many users have grown tired of waiting. The arrival on the market of devices such as Google Home and the improvement of virtual assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant make things even more difficult for a product that would arrive with Bixby as a base.

Galaxy Home Mini

A lot of time has passed since the first details related to the first smart speaker of the South Korean company seemed some rumors that have not yet become official but that, this time, it seems that they will soon come true. And everything indicates that Samsung will present the Galaxy Home Mini earlier this year. 

Galaxy Home Mini

It seems like a joke, but all the rumors indicate that the Samsung Galaxy Home Mini will be a reality sooner than later. As we have been able to read in The Verge, the South Korean company would be preparing the international launch of its new device for the first months of 2020. Many users who have waited for years for the arrival of a speaker that will finally be able to complete the part that Samsung is missing in the smart home sector. Of course, the competition will be tough.

The passing of the years has allowed other brands to advance in a sector that is starring the Google Home Mini and the Amazon Echo. Alexa and Google Assistant are the best rated virtual assistants of today, and Bixby is not one of the best projects Samsung has worked on. The key to the Galaxy Home Mini will be in direct synchronization with compatible Samsung SmartThings devices. 

Galaxy Home Mini

We do not know how users will react to the final release of this device. What is clear is that competition in the sector has increased a lot over the years and Samsung will not have it easy to get good figures. At the moment, there has been no news of the exact date, but all the leaks suggest that very soon we will see the Samsung Galaxy Home Mini on the market.


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