Google Files Go new features: Almost a year ago Google launched Files Go, its intelligent file manager. Over time the application has become a key tool for many users to achieve space savings in their phones and that’s why Google does not stop releasing new features for this app, such as the option to send files without Internet much faster. Now Google Files Go new features are releasing with the new update.

Through a post on RedditGoogle has confirmed the features of the new update of Files Go, which incorporates a lot of new and interesting features. Files Go is an application for Android for storage cleaning, file browsing, and offline sharing.

The best use of mobile Notch

Google Files Go new features

The new update adds a more advanced navigation, a feature much in demand by users. Now users can easily navigate to folders. It also included a secure installation of applications, which allows users to verify any application received to see if it is approved by Google Play for easy installation and automatic updates.

Media player for audio and video

 Now Files Go sharing is faster than before. The connections now take less than 5 seconds on average and the company confirmed that they have seen transfer speeds of more than 500 Mbps.

Other then file managing and sharing Finally, Files Go adds a media player for audio and video including background audio playback. These new features will be very useful and now files go can be used as a primary file manager application.

Tor browser official APK is now available (Download)

Google confirms that they are still busy improving the application, so it is expected that over the weeks they will update one of their Android applications with interesting new features.

Download Files Go

Files by Google
Files by Google
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free


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