Sarahah App is the new trending on the Internet nowadays, well it deserves it because it based on a different idea which is probably very helpful for some people but obviously it also has a dark side too so it also has some hatters(who get bullied by this app).

 Sarahah app

What is Sarahah?

In short, it’s an app that can send an anonymous message or Feedback to others.

As I mentioned earlier, Sarahah can send anonymous messages and that’s the reason people loved it.

It’s a unique way to share your thoughts or give a suggestion to someone, like your seniors or boss. So you can express your thoughts anonymously using Sarahah, you just need to search for the person (he/she must have Sarahah installed) you want to message and type your message and send it and it’ll deliver to that person.

History of Sarahah:

Sarahah was originally started as a website by Saudi Arabian developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq and the objective was, allow employees to anonymously share their honest feedback about their company. 

It was named Sarahah because It’s an Arabic word and It means ‘candor’, ‘honesty’, or ‘openness’, and seriously it was a great idea.

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How does it work?

If you want to try Sarahah you can download it for Android and IOS or you can also use

Developer: Sarahah
Price: Free
Developer: Sarahah LLC
Price: Free

After downloading you need to create your account, Yes you can use real info about Yourself (You’ll be still anonymous).

Now Sarahah is ready to share your thoughts, search for the person who is already using  Sarahah and send your message.

The Dark Side of Sarahah:

Like other apps, this app also developed for a good objective but not everyone agreed with this because some people think that it’ll encourage online bullying., and that’s why this app has low rating on PlayStore(3.0) and iTunes (2.3).
Some users reviewed about the dark side of this app that how this app cause of online harassment.


Sarahah gives you a power it’s up to you how you use it.


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