How to share WhatsApp profile through a link: It is well known that the WhatsApp application is the most used messaging service in the world. Every time it integrates more functionalities, and its compatibility with the majority of mobile and desktop operating systems delights the majority of users. We already know many WhatsApp tricks but One of the latest features implemented in the application is the ability to share our profile through a link. So it’s time to know How to share WhatsApp profile through a link.

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How to share WhatsApp profile through a link

Sharing your Whatsapp Profile link is very easy because we just have to use Whatsapp’s public API. With the help of this API we can easily create our Profile link and then we can share it with anyone so he/she can easily message us On WhatsApp.

Share WhatsApp profile easily (Via Link)

Sharing WhatsApp Profile via link is also looks professional and we person can easily get our number and text us without saving the number. If you want to create Your WhatsApp profile link just follow these easy steps.

To share WhatsApp Profile through link you just have to copy the following Link and then add Your number after the = sign. You have to add the number in international format but without + sign. XXXXXXXXXXXX (where X is your phone number with the country code, such as 919876543210 for India. )

  • If you Want to add any custom message with the link so if someone will click that link so the custom message will automatically type in his Whatsapp. So you can add &text after the number and Type your message. 919876543210&text=Hello Softopia

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So simple Right? but that’s it that you have to do to share your WhatsApp Profile through a link.



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