Spotify Latest Working Mod APK: Spotify is the most Popular Music Streaming App. Spotify allows users to listen to music to free users but with many restrictions. If you want to remove all the restrictions then you have to buy the premium version.

Not everyone can afford the Premium version so some people use the Moded version of the app, but recently Spotify is blocking accounts of the users which are logged in into the moded app.

Spotify Latest Working Mod APK (2019)

if you are the one who was using moded version and your account got blocked then google news is that there is an APK available that will help you to bypass all the restrictions in Spotify app. using this app you can use unlimited skip, seeking, No ads in Spotify, premium Spotify features for free.

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Update (Spotify 8.4.75)

15 December 2018 (Updated): You will get 2 APK(s) in the link below if 1st APK failed to install then please use 2nd APK.

Here is the latest premium Spotify mod version which is also working with old accounts. So you can log in your old account too.

Download (New December 2018)

Note: Use US/UK VPN for logging in for the 1st time.

It’s Latest Mod APK June 2018

Just installing the APK can’t solve the problem and you won’t be able to use the mod app. To use the app and sign up you need to use VPN and I have shown all the steps in the video if you want to watch.

If you don’t want to watch the video you can follow these steps but I highly recommend to watch so you can understand every step.

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Spotify modded APK download

  • Click the link given below/above and download the Spotify modded APK.


  • Download VPN and connect to USA or UK VPN server.
VyprVPN: Ultra-private VPN
VyprVPN: Ultra-private VPN
  • Now open Spotify and sign up for a new account.

After that, you’ll be able to use many Spotify features which are restricted for free user.

Spotify latest hacked APK


  1. The app isn’t letting me login to either old account or new account. I’ve reinstalled and restarted my phone. Please help!

  2. Its working..I can skip all I want
    Without commercials..
    Just cant download. I saw a mod hack for spotify to be able to download…wonder if anyone has tried

    • Yes, you need to login once with vpn and then you can use it without VPN, if you got logged out(it happens after many days) you need to login again using the VPN or come here again for latest mod


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