How to Add Face Unlock For Apps In OnePlus: Face Unlock is a great feature which firstly implemented in OnePlus 5T and users really like it so OnePlus released this for OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 3/3T.

How to Add Face Unlock For Apps In OnePlus
How to Add Face Unlock For Apps In OnePlus

Face Unlock is really Popular because this feature adds a layer of security and it’s really fast. Unlocking a phone with your face is really great. This feature is not like the Original feature which is available on Android for a while.

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OnePlus added some extra security using different algorithms so it’s not a lock which will unlock your phone with a photo of something like that. It actually reads your face then unlocks your Phone.

How to Add Face Unlock For Apps In OnePlus

The Face Unlock in OnePlus devices unlock the phone, It means you can use it as lock screen password. But many people want to use Face Unlock to unlock apps. Yes, it sounds really great if we can Unlock Apps with Face.

Face Unlock For Apps In OnePlus

It is possible to unlock apps using face unlock. App lock is a well-known feature which is available on any Android device but this app lock allows us to lock apps with PIN, Password or fingerprint lock. But in your OnePlus device now you can add face unlock feature in inbuilt App lock of Oxygen OS if you have a rooted OnePlus device with Face Unlock feature and If you want to know How to integrate OnePlus Face Unlock with App Lock then this guide will help you. In this guide, we’ll see How to Add Face Unlock For Apps In OnePlus. 

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Pre Requirments:

If your device fulfills these requirements then you can use Face unlock as App lock in your OnePlus 5/5T and 3/3T.

How to Add Face Unlock For Apps In OnePlus (Step By Step)

  • Download and install the Xposed Module from the Xposed repository.
How to Add Face Unlock For Apps In OnePlus
How to Add Face Unlock For Apps In OnePlus
  • After Installing the module Reboot your device.
  • Open Xposed go to modules and Enable face Unlock in the module.

  • Activate Face Unlock in your phone’s OxygenOS settings if you haven’t already.

  • Activate the App Lock feature and choose which apps you want lock.

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And That’s it! now you’ll be able to unlock specific apps with the face unlock feature on your OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T, OnePlus 5, or OnePlus 5T! Hope this article will help you to get Face unlock for apps in your device. If this helped you please like us on Facebook & Subscribe My YouTube Channel for interesting Videos.

Credit: XDA


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