share Instagram stories on WhatsApp: Instagram is a social network that has grown in every way during the last years. The company works hard to keep evolving with the passing of days. Believe it or not, they are currently testing a new feature to share Instagram stories on WhatsApp. This could be the epic union between the popular social network and the most used instant messaging service on the planet.

share Instagram stories on WhatsApp
share Instagram stories on WhatsApp

How to share Instagram stories on WhatsApp?

A few months ago the social network included a function to share their stories on Facebook. Now tests are carried out to be able to publish Instagram stories in WhatsApp. The stories will be published as “Status” directly included in the instant messaging application. The connectivity between applications will provide a very pleasant experience for users of both platforms.

We are talking about a really interesting strategy due to the reception that Instagram stories have in their users. These are updated continuously and receive interesting functions for the publication of photos and videos in the social network.

share Instagram stories on WhatsApp
share Instagram stories on WhatsApp

Currently, the ability to post Instagram stories on WhatsApp is being tested with a small group of users. Depending on the performance you have during these test days, the feature will be included in the official updates of the application.

The Instagram spokesperson, as expected, has not revealed much information about the new functionality. It has only confirmed that new dynamics are being tested to improve the user experience.

That Instagram stories can be published on WhatsApp directly is a genius. Now you will not have to walk between two applications to publish the same content.

Instagram starts the year 2018 thinking about increasing its number of users. In some way or another, this new feature could mean a very positive quality within one of the most used social networks in recent times.


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