Mozilla, although we usually know it for Firefox, It has a new application different from a browser that can be downloaded on Android. One of the latest additions by firebox is ScreenshotGo. This is an amazing and must have Android app for every android user.

What exactly ScreenshotGo is?

In simple words, ScreenshotGo is an App to organize your screenshots. It’s different from other screenshot apps that you can find on the playstore and we’ll see how in this article.

Organize Screenshots in Android


The stable version was released recently and users really liking it. It has 4.6 rating on Google Play that describes how useful it is. ScreenshotGo allows you to organize screenshots in different categories (that we can create) and even copy the text contained in them. Let’s see how it works.

Organize Screenshots in Android

ScreenshotGo analyzes the internal storage of the mobile phone and searches all of the screenshots we have captured, that’s why it needs the permission to access internal storage. When the app finds them, it puts them all in a folder inside the application called “Unsorted“. If you want to find one, it will surely be there. But that’s not all. There’s something more you can do.

If you enter this folder, you can select all the captures you want and see them or move them to another folder to have them more ordered. For example, you can create a folder called “Memes” and put the corresponding ones there, another one called “Gaming” for games or “WhatsApp screenshots” for those conversations you do not want to miss.

This is for the first time only, because for the next time if you’ll take a screenshot using Screenshot go it’ll ask you to choose the category to better organize it.

Search screenshots by the text they contained

Search screenshots by the text they contained

The features you just read about aren’t that amazing and you may find them in other apps too. But things get interesting when you find that you can search any screenshot just by typing the word/words that the screenshot contains.

For example, you saved a meme a week ago and now you want to show that to your friend, but you have 100’s off meme screenshots. It’ll be really hard to find that quickly right? But if you have screenshot go you can search any word that the meme had and you’ll get the image file easily.

Download ScreenshotGo


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