Whether you are thinking about registering on a social network, Getting a username of your choice is really a challenge.

We always try to keep the username same on different sites but it’s quite difficult to get the same username of all of these sites. If we are starting a new business and making social accounts for the business it really matters that we have the same username or display name everywhere. If we start searching username on every site and try to find the same username then it’ll gonna be very difficult for you to find the perfect and same username on all sites.

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You can imagine how many usernames you have to try on each site to get the same username on every site. Today we are going to see how you can get the same username on every site without searching that on each site.

Instant Username Search

Instant usernameย is an awesome free online tool that gives you the flexibility to search username and tell you the availability on that username on all famous platforms and social networks. The tool is fast and very user-friendly and available for free for everyone.

instantusername.com is ad-free site so you won’t see any ad while searching your favorite username across 100 online platforms. instantusernameย is an opensource project that available on Github and anyone can host it.

instant username

In the example above you can see that the username softopia.techย is available on the sites which are highlighted in yellow.


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