gbwhatsapp antiban version

GBWhatsApp, the most popular WhatsApp Mod that exists, has just been updated to the new version 6.90, an update focused on the new anti-bane system, which for now seems to work, in addition to fixing a couple of bugs of the previous version.

GbWhatsapp 6.90 Banproof APK Download

For now, it is recommended to install only the package on a clean installation, means, delete the original WhatsApp or WhatsApp mod that you have installed before. If you see the Google Play Services Error read the note that we have left at the end of the article.

New GBWhatsApp 6.90

As we have already mentioned, in GBWhatsApp 6.90 we will not find new features like new mods, but a new anti-ban system that seems to be giving results. The complete list of the changelog is as follows:

  • [New] Anti-Ban
  • [Fixed] Hidden Chat Counter Showing on the Main Screen
  • [Fixed] Color of payments in the Attach menu

Steps to follow to ensure you don’t get banner on WhatsApp

  • If you already have any mod installed completely uninstall it. That includes deleting it’s folders and uninstalling completely.
  • Download the new GBWhatsApp Antiban Version from the link given below.
  • Register on the app and start using it.
  • Don’t apply many privacy-related mods at once. Try to apply one by one after some time.
  • Avoid message forwarding if possible.

Download GBWhatsApp 6.90

Before you download GBwhatsapp ANtiban APK you need to know your device architecture. Download droid info app from play store to know it and then download compatible APK from below links.

Droid Hardware Info
Droid Hardware Info
Developer: InkWired
Price: Free

Then we leave the links to  download GBWhatsApp 6.90 :

IMPORTANT NOTE before installing:

If you get a message «It is not possible to run WhatsApp application without Google Play Services, which are not compatible with your device» DO NOT PRESS ACCEPT, PRESS BACK or BACK WITH YOUR DEVICE KEYS.