How to post photos on Instagram from PC: Instagram is a popular photo-sharing platform and it has millions of active users. Instagram is very quite popular among youngsters because it introduces new features time to time. Story feature and 60-second video feature is one of the most popular things about Insta.

Share Photos on Instagram from Laptop/PC

Everyone has a smartphone nowadays and almost everyone operates their social media account via Mobile phone. Almost all social networking sites ie Facebook, Twitter etc. allows to upload photos and video from the computer but Instagram Doesn’t. You have to use Mobile application to Upload photos and videos on On Instagram but if you want to upload photos via laptop or computer you can’t.

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Why do we want to share photos on Instagram from Computer?

It’s very obvious that we take most of the photos from mobile phone and it’s easier to upload or share them directly to Insta using mobile. But if you have a business page on Instagram and you want to share your templates, cards, event banners or something like this then you have to move them to mobile then you can share them and it’s not a good thing then How to share photos on Instagram from Computer? Well here is the way.

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Best way to post photos on Instagram from PC

There are many ways to post photos and videos on Instagram via PC but I am going to share the Best way to post photos on Instagram from PC. The process is very simple and I explained the whole process in a video so you can watch this video and you will be able to share Photos and video on Instagram from the laptop.

Download From Here

Why this Trick?

The best thing about this trick is that you can upload photos and videos on Instagram from windows, Mac and even from a Linux OS.


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