How to Enable WhatsApp Chat Heads feature Without Root: Back in 2013 Facebook announced a pretty nice feature for Facebook Messenger, which many people seem to enjoy Chat Heads. This neat little feature allows you to get Facebook message notifications in a new way, letting them pop-up as a circle on the side of your screen. And this ChatHead feature is helpful but not available in all your favorite app. but we are going to activate this cool feature in WhatsApp.

how to enable chat head feature in whatsapp no root

WhatsApp, have a feature called ‘Quick Reply’ with which users can reply to the messages right from the notification bar without having to open the app, it still misses the chat heads. Wouldn’t it be cool if you can get chat heads for WhatsApp without having to root your device?

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WhatsApp Chat Head feature is not an official one, but you can enable it with a third party app. If you want to enable chat heads for WhatsApp, then you need to follow the steps I am going to share in this post. Just like Facebook Messenger App, you can get the same kind of notifications for WhatsApp too.

Method 1: Enable WhatsApp ChatHeads [Without reply feature]

For this method, we gonna use an application called as Dashdow that can allow the users to enable chat heads on WhatsApp. It works similar to Facebook Messenger app, and you would like to know this feature don’t need a rooted android mobile. This trick will work on all Android smartphones.

Some Highlights about This App


  1. This App also helps you to Hide Last Seen, Online Status, and Blue Tricks.
  2. You can read your WhatsApp messages without opening it.
  3. messages directly on LockScreen.
  4. This app works on both Rooted and Non-rooted Android mobile.


  1. You can’t reply to messages directly from Chat Heads.
  2. It is compatible only with Android 4.0 and above versions.

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How to get Chat Heads feature in WhatsApp like FB Messenger

  • First of all, make sure you have Latest version of WhatsApp.
WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger
Developer: WhatsApp LLC
Price: Free
  • Now to enable WhatsApp chat head feature download Dashdow What App from this link.

Download Now

  • Once you installed the app, open it. Make sure you check ‘Notification Access’. If it is unchecked then, you need to turn on Notification Acess for this application manually by tapping it.

How to Enable WhatsApp Chat Heads feature Without Root

If you have successfully followed above steps then You are done! You don’t need to change any other settings; these tweaks are enough to enable WhatsApp chat heads on Android devices.

This is the easiest method to enable chat heads in your WhatsApp Account in any Android mobile. If you are using Android mobile and WhatsApp, then you should try out this trick on your device too. It’s very easy to check your WhatsApp messages. And I hope everyone has enabled ‘WhatsApp Chat Heads’ without facing any issues.

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Method 2: Enable WhatsApp ChatHead feature [reply feature in ChatHead]

This is an another method that allows you to get WhatsApp chatHead Feature without root and the best part of this method is: you can also reply to that WhatsApp message directly from ChatHead without opening the main WhatsApp Application Sounds cool right! So lets see how to use this method.

  • In the very first step Download ‘Notifly‘ app from the Google Play Store.
Developer: Flyperinc
Price: Free
  • Open the app and Notifly app will need your permission to access notifications, toggle the button provided against the ‘Receive notifications‘ option. You will then be taken to the ‘Notification access’ menu. Tick the ‘checkbox‘ available in front of Notifly.

How to Enable WhatsApp Chat Heads feature Without Root

  • After enabling Notification access Now tap on ‘Done‘. After you tap on Done, you will see a list of apps that are supported by Notifly. Now you can turn on chatHead notifications for your favorite app.

How to Enable WhatsApp Chat Heads feature Without Root

Now you have successfully configured the app and enabled Chathead for WhatsApp but if you want to customize the experience then you can check the setting section of this app and you can customize a lot of settings you can also change the color, look and feel.

How to Enable WhatsApp Chat Heads feature Without Root

  • And finally, when you will get a message the chat head will show you that message and you can also reply to the person directly from ChatHead.

How to Enable WhatsApp Chat Heads feature Without Root

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Final Words on How to Enable WhatsApp Chat Heads feature Without Root:

We have 2 apps which give us answer of this question “How to Enable WhatsApp Chat Heads feature Without Root” and I provided step by step instruction about these apps and hope you guys will like these methods. Whatsapp Chathead feature is very useful sometimes when we are in hurry or at a public place and don’t want to open WhatsApp so this guide about “How to Enable WhatsApp Chat Heads feature Without Root” can help you.

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