How to create a WhatsApp account with fake USA number: Do you guys want a Whatsapp account with a fake number? Or with the USA(+1) number, no matter where do you live. So today I am going to tell you How to create a WhatsApp account with USA number.

This trick which I am going to show you(In video) is a 100% working trick to create a WhatsApp account with USA number or a fake number. I texted this trick many times and it works great. Sometimes we need to repeat the process 2-3 times but it works for sure.

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How to create a WhatsApp account with fake USA number

Using this trick you can create an account on WhatsApp but as you’ll get a virtual USA number which starts with +1 so if you want to use this number on any other app to make an account then you can use it. For Example, if you want to Create a Facebook account with a temporary number then you can use this app to get OTP. Although I already wrote an Article about How to bypass OTP verification on any website. But to bypass Facebook verification or any big sites verification you can use this USA number and as I mentioned you can use this fake number to create WhatsApp account.

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Steps to create a WhatsApp account with USA fake number

You need to follow the video Instructions to make Whatsapp account with the fake USA number because it’s hard to explain in words but the applications we are going to use to create a fake WhatsApp account with USA number are below.

1. Temporary Phone & Mail

We are going to use this app to get a fake email address which we will use on the other app to create an account and the other app will give us a virtual number.

Temporary Phone & Mail
Temporary Phone & Mail
Developer: iZi Group
Price: Free

2. 2ndLine – Second Phone Number

This is the main app which will give us a virtual number. But all virtual numbers won’t gonna work on WhatsApp so we need to choose a specific code from this app which I have explained in the video. So watch the video carefully and you’ll get the Whatsapp account with a virtual number.

2ndLine - Second Phone Number
2ndLine - Second Phone Number

Download 2nd Line APK

Alternative App

You can also use Textnow app for the virtual number because it’s also available for IOS and you can create the WhatsApp account with that virtual number. Make sure you watch the Video for the step by step guide. I uploaded a new video that you can find below.

TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited
TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited

For iPhone Users

TextNow For IOS

If Textnow app is not available in your country you can Download the APK file directly from the link given below.

Download TextNow APK

How to make a WhatsApp account with USA fake number

Here is the video, in which i have explained the process so watch the video carefully and if you’ll like the trick and the video please subscribe the YouTube Channel.


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