How to customize actions with the fingerprint: One of the biggest innovations of recent years in the field of mobile telephony is the incorporation of the fingerprint sensor in smartphones and tablets. With this, we can perform unblocking actions and payments through NFC. However, most manufacturers do not offer more possibilities than those mentioned above. That is why today we will teach you how to personalize gestures and actions with the fingerprint without having to be root users .

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While there are some customization layers that allow you to add a certain number of actions to the fingerprint sensor, Android does not allow its integration natively, so we will have to use third-party applications.

How to customize actions with the fingerprint

Navigation system using gestures was one of the biggest news of Apple with the new iPhone X . However, Android seems reluctant to integrate this feature in their guts for the well-known virtual buttons.

Fingerprint Quick Action
Fingerprint Quick Action
Developer: Code boy studio
Price: Free

Thanks to the  Fingerprint Quick Action application,  we can enjoy gestures actions in the fingerprint sensor of our device. although there are others like  Fingerprint Gestures or Finger Scanner Gestures that have a similar functioning. We just have to install it on our smartphone or tablet and open it to configure the actions, previous addition – not addiction – of the application to the list of executable applications in the background.

How to customize actions with the fingerprintHow to customize actions with the fingerprint

Once inside, we can assign the different actions to the sensor gestures, such as activating the flash, taking a screenshot or the appearance of the notification panel, among many others. Namely, we can configure them for a single touch, a  double touch, and a quick glide. Also, we can define that the previous actions are executed only with the registered traces.

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It should be added that it is likely that some of the options of the application do not work correctly. on your devices or do so slowly and roughly, although this depends on each model of smartphone or tablet.



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