Google pixel is a flagship device which comes with awesome hardware and also with some amazing software-based features. Google Camera app is the best camera app available for Android right now.

Best Camera app for any Android

Google uses AI-based features in its camera app that’s why it is different from others. Google Pixel camera is kinda different from the old Pixel 2 camera and comes with improved features.

Some of the highlighted features in Pixel 3 camera are an updated interface, RAW support, and a new and improved panorama mode.

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Pixel 3 camera features

Google has redesigned the UI of new pixel 3 camera, Now you get a user-friendly carousel to switch between features. carousels more buttons give you nice looking round icons with the extra feature options like AR sticker, slow motion etc.

The RAW image option is available in advance section so you can now capture RAW images and later convert them to JPEG or RAW+JPEG. Other then these options you can find many cool features such as awesome night mode.

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Download Pixel 3 camera APK

You can find the latest APk from the link given below. The minimum requirement to use this APK is Android P (Android 9).



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