Google Smart Reply: Google always tries to do something that can improve Android user experience. Google released a new app(Still in Beta stage) called Google Smart Reply which can autoreply your messages (If you want). It is something like a Bot that reads your messages and according to the message, it’ll suggest you best replies which you can choose directly from the notification of that messages.

What is Google smart reply?

For those who do not know anything about the app, Smart Reply is a tool that uses AI to provide quick responses to your emails and messages according to context. So, instead of having to write everything, just choose one of the three options offered, without too many complications.

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Why Smart Replies?

Everyone is using many SMS and messaging apps nowadays and if you are doing something very important and a message suddenly a message popped up in the notification panel and if your reply for that message is “Just a YES” then smart reply would be very useful in this situation because this smart reply app will suggest you some replies that you can choose so you do not need to type them.

This was just a simple example how useful this would be.

Google Smart Reply APK Download and usage

Using it is quite simple, just install it and when installed, the app provides the answers to message notifications. As we said above, you just have to choose the one you like best or, of course, write your own answer normally, if none of them are perfect replies.

Google reply APK

What do you think About it?

Do you like the concept? Just download the APK and try it and tell me about your experience in the comment section. But one thing you should remember that this ap is still in Beta stage so don’t judge it if it has some Bugs.

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