How to call and send SMS to any country for free

International call is a thing that sounds very expensive and in reality yes it is expensive. Yes I know we have WhatsApp and other apps that can do this but they don’t work if the user doesn’t have the same app. But there are some ways that can make this thing easier for you today I am going to share a site that will help you to call and send SMS to any country for free, you don’t need to register on this site you can call anyone internationally for free you can also send free international SMS, video call etc.

call and send sms to any country for free

Globfone is a fantastic web application that allows us to make international calls for free also we can send SMS for free to any country in the world.

Of course, these types of services are exposed to abuse so there are a few limitations that precisely avoid this abusive use.

Specifically, we can only make a number of calls determined each day . When we reach this limit site will show a message like we have to wait 24 hours to be able to make new calls. There is also a limit for the duration of each call.

Something similar happens with sending SMS, there is a number limit of maximum SMS per day. Likewise, after reaching this limit we will only have to wait 24 hours to be able to send SMS again.

How to do Free international calls and send SMS

call and send sms to any country for free

To make free international calls with this service is necessary to use a browser with JAVA enabled, recommended Google Chrome is the one I have used in my tests.

Globfone allows us to make landline and mobile calls to almost any country in the world. We will have to choose the country we are going to call from a drop-down menu.

Once the country is chosen, we have to write the phone number to which we are going to call, no matter if it is a landline or a mobile phone. Finally, we have to click the “CALL”  button to start the call, we must wait a few seconds to be established.

The first time we use Chrome to call with this service we will be shown a message asking for permissions to access the microphone that we must accept.

These are the simple instructions and the link to make international calls with Globfone

How to send an international SMS for free

call and send sms to any country for free

The sending of SMS is just as simple as before we must select the country of destination and write the number to which we will send the SMS message, then we click on ” NEXT “.

Now we have to write our message, verify a captcha and again we click on ” NEXT ” to proceed to send the message. We have to wait for a few seconds to confirm that the message was successful.

Follow this link to send international sms with Globfone

Other options by Globfone

In addition to sending SMS and international calls for free, this page also allows us to make video chat and file sharing. Access the main page of the site and choose the one that interests you.

Remember that in some cases, especially for making calls, a number of requirements are required in your browser and system, such as having JAVA enabled.

Final Words on How to call and send SMS to any country for free:

We do not make International calls and SMS daily but sometimes we need it so service like this which I mentioned above can help you. I like this service because it never asks you your personal information. Tell me what you think about this service in the comment box and if you like this article share it and also subscribe our YouTube Channel Softopia


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