As the Technology Growing, Number of security breaches are increased and our information which is available online is not totally safe. There are many websites where we create account/profile and share some really useful and confidential (Sometimes) Information that we don’t want to share with the third party. Recently we have heard about the Facebook Data leak and that made people think about there online privacy.

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Password Is the key to protect secrets

Almost all websites where we share information have authentication feature and we have to provide the credentials to access our profile. It’s necessary to have a Strong Password to protect your information. Usually, we use a password which is easy to remember but it’s wrong because maybe that password is also easy to hack.

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Now I am going to tell you about a really great tool which helps to let you know that the password you are using is already been hacked before so you can change your password.

PassProtect Alerts you when you use a Hacked Password

There is a really great open source Tool/Chrome Extention named PassProtect which alerts you when you use a password which is hacked before. PassProtect will help us avoid simple and easy-to-discover passwords through brute force or dictionary attacks. It has a big database where they have the record of passwords which are hacked or seen in data breaches.

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Download PassProtect

There is a chrome extension which you have to install on chrome browser and when you are any site and log in/register as soon as you type a password if the password was hacked before a pop up will appear and let you know about that password.

Developer: Okta Developer
Price: Free

Download the extension and it’ll start working you don’t need to create any account and register & because it’s totally free you don’t need to pay anything for it.


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