WhatsApp Business is now available to Download: The digital empire of Mark Zuckerberg continues to grow, Facebook continues to add thousands of users day after day and Facebook Messenger is still the most used messaging application in many countries in the world. But the company has two other important applications in its power, that demonstrate its good eye for the purchases: Instagram and WhatsApp. But Mark wants to connect more users digitally and this time he targeted people who own a business.


As I posted before that WhatsApp is launching the WhatsApp business soon, so this feature is now available now and you can use it as a Beta user(until a stable release). WhatsApp developed a separate Application for WhatsApp Business so if you want to use it then you have to install two separate apps on your Phone.

Some Highlights of WhatsApp Business


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For now, the application is only accessible to a few privileged people who are part of the beta but will be gradually expanding. The new features included in this first version are enough and give us a clue how to manage this new way of communicating the companies. The first thing that is worth mentioning is that it is a separate application of the WhatsApp that we know, in this way allows an entrepreneur to carry their personal and company account separately on the same phone. It also allows using a fixed number as company number.

Download WhatsApp Business:

WhatsApp Business
WhatsApp Business
Developer: WhatsApp LLC
Price: Free

Companies to provide greater security to users can be verified with a check, and also have an option to fill in more information data such as the website or location. The application will offer them the possibility to generate automatic messages to warn that at that moment are not available, very useful for weekends. In addition, they will have access to statistical data of all the interactions and visits with the users.

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From what has been seen so far the interface does not change much with respect to the standard WhatsApp, they removed some options but maybe we’ll see more changes to the final version. Hopefully this feature will be launched as soon as possible because it will give a new opportunity to many businesses and expedite certain transactions with customers by many companies.

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