How to Download Windows 10 Latest ISO without Tool: There are many ways to Download Windows 10 Official ISO file but we always choose a trusted source because we don’t want any virus or corrupt ISO.

Best way to Download Windows 10 ISO

Windows Official Website is the most trusted/Fastest and easiest way to Download Windows 10 ISO, But when we visit the site it says that we have to download the Media Creation Tool to Download the ISO file. It’s so annoying and not an easy task for a person who doesn’t have so much knowledge about using that tool. But here I am going to tell you a simple trick to download official Windows 10 ISO from the official site directly without any tool.

media creation tool

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How to Download Windows 10 Latest ISO without Tool

I have uploaded a video before in which I showed you a very nice tool to Download official Windows ISO files for Windows 7, 8 and 10. But if you only want to download Windows 10 latest ISO then you can download the full ISO from the official site just using this simple trick.

Trick To download Windows 10 official ISO from Microsoft

  • Open this URL: Official Microsoft Page| Windows 10 ISO
  • You probably see Download tool Button but ignore that.
  • Now Press F12 and it will open the developer’s console in the browse.
  • Then Click on this little icon and it’ll change the page like you are seeing it in Mobile.

windows10 iso download free

Don’t use a HACKED Password, Here is how to check it

  • Now press F5 to reload the Page.
  • After reload, you can close the dev tools.
  • You can see a Select Edition option now, Select the edition and then you can select the language.

  • Once you confirm the language now you can choose between 32bit & 64bit. Choose any according to your PC and the file will start downloading.

windows 10 official iso

So, guys, this is the simple and easy trick to download windows 10 official ISO Image from the official site.


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