Xiaomi is now answering your questions on WhatsApp
Xiaomi is now answering your questions on WhatsApp

With the launch of WhatsApp Business, we are all aware that the future of customer service goes through instant messaging. Possibly, soon, channels such as email, support chats, and tickets are replaced by a much faster and more accessible tool. and WhatsApp Business is a perfect example of it. In fact, we already have a mobile manufacturer that has been encouraged to try this system and its Xiaomi.

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Xiaomi’s WhatsApp Business Profile

Under the name Xiaomi Mi Bunny the Chinese firm has launched a customer service via WhatsApp Business. Although this service is still in Beta and only available in India For now.

The company claims that using this service they will give product updates, news and announcement. This service will also be available to ask the question and solve customer queries.

How to get SUPPORT on using WhatsApp Business

To get support Users can send a message with the word “SUPPORT” to get help via phone. That way, once Xiaomi India has processed the request, the client will receive a return call that will try to solve the problem. This service will work from Monday to Friday from 9 in the morning to 6 evening and will remain inactive on weekends.

How to activate this service:

To activate this service(in India) you just have to save this number 7760944500 and send “XIAOMI“. After that, you’ll get a reply from there and you can choose preferred options.

What We think about This Service:

It is a really interesting proposal and without any doubt, it will improve the customer services. At the moment we have to wait for other brands to launch into this adventure, especially those related to smartphones and technology. It would be much easier to send a message through WhatsApp than to open a ticket and wait two or three days for the answer.

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