How to Get One-Handed Mode on Any Android: Xiaomi Phones comes with a really cool feature called “One-Handed Mode”  this feature is very helpful for big screen phone. It allows us to resize the screen size of our phone so so our fingers can reach every corner. Unfortunately, this feature is not available in Stock Android but now you can use this feature in any Android Device. This is possible by an App available on XDA lab that you and use and get One-Handed Mode in any Android.  Follow this guide to easily get One-Handed Mode on any Android device.

How to Get One-Handed Mode on Any Android
How to Get One-Handed Mode on Any Android

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How to Get One-Handed Mode on Any Android [Root Required]

XDA’s One-Handed Mode could be installed on any Android phone or tablet that is running Android 4.0.3 or above. The app is FREE to install and test with the default settings. But you will have to make an in-app purchase if you wish to use the floating bubble feature.

Step 1: Get One-Handed Mode App by XDA

Get One-Handed Mode – XDA App InterfaceThe payment is pretty nominal. It is $0.99 for this week and will be $1.99 after that! So now is the best time to install the app, try it, and make the purchase if you really want to get One-Handed Mode on your device.

One-Handed Mode
One-Handed Mode
Developer: XDA
Price: Free+

How to Get One-Handed Mode on Any Android

Step 2: Set Up One-Handed Mode App

Once you have downloaded and installed the ‘One-Handed Mode‘ app on your device, go to the app drawer and launch it. Now, the instructions will be a little different on rooted and non-rooted devices to get One-Handed Mode.

If your phone is rooted using Magisk or SuperSU, you can easily grant the required permissions to the app.

How to Get One-Handed Mode on Any Android
How to Get One-Handed Mode on Any Android

Once you open the app, go through the on-screen messages by swiping to the very right. Finally, on the ‘Permissions’ screen, tap on the Done (Check) icon on the bottom-right. As soon as you do it, the app will prompt for root permissions, so just tap on ‘GRANT’. The app interface shall open for you now.

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Non-Rooted Devices:

You have to read the ADB Instruction given in App if you want to Install in Non-rooted Device.



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