Xiaomi Mi Mojis on any Android: The Animoji(s) are new kind of emoji that detects your facial movements and reproduce it like an emoji. These animojis become so popular and we can see them on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and other social networks.

Today we are introducing you with Xiaomi’s own Animojis and they call them ” My Mojis “. We know that there are several companies that have their Animojis, for example, Samsung has AR Emojis.

If you want to get Animojis on your Android phone then we’ll tell you how to get Xiaomi Mi Mojis on any Android device. It should be noted that it is compatible with almost any device ( Android 5.0 or higher ). The Animojis do not go through their best moment but they are ideal for making funny videos that we can later share on social networks. The ones you can have on your mobile are the panda, monkey, pink poop, dragon and many more.

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How can we have the Mi Mojis on our mobile?

In total there are 12 characters that can be controlled with the movements of your head and it is possible to record short clips of up to 30 seconds. In addition, you can modify the voice tone depending on “My Moji” that you are using. The only mandatory requirement is to have Android 5.0 or higher.

Download Animoji (Mi Moji) in any Android

The Mi Moji APK is about 70 MB that you can download from the below link.

Download Mi Moji

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How to use Mi Moji

  • You have to point the phone to your face and expect it to recognize it, which is pretty quick.
  • Now you can move, speak and you will see that the character imitates all your movements.

When you finish recording your video you have an option to modify the voice tone or you can share the Moji on social networks. Although unfortunately, the list only includes popular applications in China such as QQ, Weibo, WeChat. However, you can save the video in your gallery and then, you can send it wherever you want.


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