How to schedule messages on WhatsApp: You can schedule tweets to come out later, Facebook posts and Instagram posts. It’s Very useful if you want to upload or say something at a specific time when you will not be available. You can also schedule messages on WhatsApp if you want to say something at a specific time but you think you will forget it.

Someone may have told you to remember something at a certain time, to want to say something but it’s too late to bother or you just do not want to read it yet: a birthday greeting, for example.

WhatsApp does not allow you to schedule messages officially. But as we know there are millions of Apps available on PlayStore & many apps are very useful. WhatsApp message schedule is possible using some apps but here I am using an app that really does this work.

How to schedule messages on WhatsApp:

Scheduler for WhatsApp
Scheduler for WhatsApp
Developer: Infinite_labs
Price: Free+

Scheduler for WhatsApp is a free application that you can download from the Google Play Store and that will help you not to look bad on birthdays, anniversaries or on Mother’s Day. The application is very simple once you install it. You will have to give accessibility permission so that it can start working.

How to schedule messages on WhatsApp
How to schedule messages on WhatsApp

Once you have installed and given the permissions you can schedule message to a group or a specific contact. You have to choose the contact then choose the date and time when you want to send the message. You can even add an option to repeat the message every day at that time, every week, every month or every year. Once you have the schedule ready, you will only have to write your message and you can also add an image if you want.

How to schedule messages on WhatsApp
How to schedule messages on WhatsApp

After scheduling the message you can also edit and delete the message if you think that you have done some mistake.

How to schedule messages on WhatsApp: Cons

Messages won’t be sent if you have the phone screen locked and it is off. They will be sent when you unlock the phone again and turn on the screen if the date you wanted to send it has already passed so this is the biggest Problem with this app.

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Final Words: How to schedule messages on WhatsApp

Although this app is not the smart solution but official WhatsApp will not have this feature nearly in the future so this is the only solution for official WhatsApp users.

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