How to hide files in windows 10: We all have some private and confidential files in our computer and we want to keep them safe but as we know we all have many people in home and we are not the only one who uses the computer may be your brother or any other person at your homes uses the same computer. So it’s always important to keep your confidential files at the right place so no one can access them and won’t able to know what information that file has.

Windows have some inbuilt security features for that like you can hide the file and you can use bit locker. using bit locker for a small file? I don’t think it is a good idea because Bit locker consumes a lot of system resources, So this is not a solution. And if you are thinking that we can use Windows Hide File option then you should know that windows Hide file system is so old and everyone knows about it So anyone and can unhide your file then he can easily access the confidential data. then How to hide files in windows 10,8.1 and 7.

Well, I am here to answer this question today in this article I am going to share a simple trick that can answer this question How to hide files in windows 10,8.1 and 7. We are going to use a simple trick to make your important files inaccessible and we will do it without any third party software so you don’t need to download any software and this method is totally free and very easy so even a noob windows user can do this easily. So let’s get started hiding important files.

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Hide files in windows 7, 8.1, 10 without any software

  • First of all, we need to change some settings so we can use the trick without any problem for any type of file.
  • Open My Computer (This Pc) by double clicking on Computer Icon on the desktop.
  • Now you can see a View option on top of the window.
  • Now check the file name extensions check box. [Highlighted in screenshot.]

How to hide files in windows 10

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update New features , improvements, and release

the real trick starts now:

  • Choose the file you want to keep secure or hide or lock.
  • Now right click on the file and choose Rename or alternatively you can just press F2 key.
  • Now change the last part of the file (Change the file extension ex .pdf, .jpg). You can delete the extension and replace with any other extensions, For example, you want to hide a PDF file which is named as hicis.pdf so rename the file like this hicis.exe

How to hide files in windows 10

  • After following these steps no one can recognize that this is your important file and if anyone will try to open it they won’t able to open it.

How to hide files in windows 10

So your file is secure now. You can put this file at any place and when you want to open this file just change the last part again with the real extension and you can easily open it.

So this is the easiest method for How to hide files in windows 10 this method is so easy and doesn’t take somuchh time and you don’t need and special technical skills.

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Final Words about How to hide files in windows 10:

The simple trick that i shared with you would be very helpful when you quickly want to hide or secure any file. Hope this guide will be helpful for you and if you like this tutorial share it and like our Facebook page for updates and subscribe our YouTube channel for interesting tech videos and tutorials.

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