Every computer user needs various software for various purposes and freeware software are easily available on the internet to download but the worst thing is that if you download them from a wrong website then probably you will get malicious files such as malware or viruses or adware etc.
The other bad thing is ads on downloading sites, popup ads are really very irritating and if you noticed almost all downloading sites use pop-up ads.
So here I am posting some really cool and Ad free websites to download PC software.

PC software free download[3 best sites][AD Free]:

1. Ninite.com

This is the very first site and this one is cleanest, easiest and totally Ad free website to download software for Windows.This website has a very user-friendly interface you just need to select your software and need to click “Get Your Ninite ” button.
pc software free download

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2. Filepuma.com

The second website is Filepuma  this one is also very user friendly and you can found almost all useful software. This site contains some Ads but they are not popup Ads just Google Adsense Ads so you don’t need to worry.

3. majorgeeks.com

A pretty unique look and a wide range of software makes this site worth to visit you will found a different and very easy UI on this site and downloading speed is also so fast from this site.
pc software free download
There are so many sites that are good but these three are pretty awesome so I listed them on top you can also visit some other sites from the list below.



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