After a lot of work from the developer team of Magisk. They have been able to update it to version v18.0, in the new version developer Migrated all code base to C++. Now it is possible to obtain root permissions in Android version 9.0 and without going through the Google SafetyNet protection.

Magisk 18.0 is available to download

What is Magisk?

If you are reading this then probably you already know what Magisk is and why we use it, But still let me explain a little bit. Magisk is a Root solution for Android devices using that we can get full control over Android OS and unlock the hidden power. Super SU is another popular tool when we talk about Rooting Android. Magisk is an alternative of supersu but it’s far better than that because it gives us systemless root.

Systemless root means our phone will be rooted but only the app we want to know will know about the root and other apps will not able to detect that our phone is rooted and we’ll be able to use all the apps which do not work in a rooted device. For example Snapchat.

Magisk 18.0 is available to download

What’s new in Magisk v18.0 and Magisk Manager 6.1.0

Not only Magisk 18.0 is out but an update for Magisk Manager has also been released. The new Magisk manager app is updated to version v6.1.0 with the support for latest magisk v18.0. 

New features in Magisk Manager v6.1.0

  •  New downloading methods separated from system Download Manager.
  • New notifications for better user experience.
  • Added support for latest Magisk v18.0
  • Changed application name to “Manager” after hiding(repackaging) this will prevent app name detection.
  • Added built-in systemless hosts module.
  • Auto launch for the newly installed app after hiding(repackaging) and restoring Magisk Manager
  • Bug fix

Changelog Magisk 18.0

  • Migrated all code base to C++
  • Modify database natively instead of going through Magisk Manager
  • Add procfs protection on SDK 24+ (Nougat)
  • Removed the folder /.backup to prevent detection
  • Added “–status” option to CLI
  • Full changelog here

Download Magisk 18.0

You can Download the latest magisk from the link given below. Please read the installation instructions before installing it on your device.

Download Magisk 18.0

Download latest Magisk manager app

You can Download the latest magisk manager app from the link given below.

Download Magisk Manager v6.1.0


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