Mi Band 2 V/S Mi Band 3: The tech giant Xiaomi launched the updated version of it’s old Mi Band 2 fitness Band. Mi Band 2 is a very popular and successful product by Xiaomi and that’s the reason Gadget lovers are excited about this new Mi Band 3, But the question is that is it really worth buying the new Mi Band 3 if you already have Mi Band 2? Well, let’s find out.

mi band 2 vs mi band 3

Mi Band 3 Launch & Features

On 31 May 2018, Xiaomi Launched the Mi Band 3 which is a fitness band if you don’t know about it. This Band is not available to buy now but you it’ll be available very soon in online stores including Mi store.

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As I said earlier Mi Band 3 in an improved version of Mi Band 2 and they added some new features in it. But if you already have Mi Band 2 then it’s really important to compare the new Band with your Old Band so you can find out the difference and then you can decide you really want the new Mi Band 3 or not.

Mi Band 2 V/S Mi Band 3 | Features and Price


This comparison Mi Band 2 V/S Mi Band 3 makes good sense because the new Band 3 is not a big evolution. Even so, if it includes new features and the first thing that we should discuss are the advantages of the new model over the previous one:

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1. Bigger & Brighter Display

Mi band 2 was not that good when we are outside so it’s really hard to see the time and other things in sunlight. Mi Band 3 comes with the solution and Now we will get a 0.78 inches OLED display with a resolution of 128 x 80 pixels. Which works great in sunlight.

2. Improved notifications and calls

In addition to the typical statistics such as steps, heart rate … the new Band will show Notifications in a better wayInstead of just showing the icon, it gives us all the more detailed information. We also have the weather forecast and it is more intuitive in general.

Mi Band 3 More Features

  • Now we can turn off the alarm with a wrist twist.
  • We have NFC to pay without even having to take out the phone. (Not confirmed if it’s only for China or worldwide).
  • Water protection more effective, now water resistance upgrade to 50 meters.

Broadly speaking the new Xiaomi Band does the same as before but much better. The screen is the best improvement we can see and the improved water resistance can also attract gadget lovers.

Is it Worth Buying Mi Band 3?

In spite of everything, if you already have the Xiaomi Mi Band 2, we do not think that this new Band is worth too much, because, the changes that they are offering are not so big and do not contribute enough value.

And, with third-party applications you can get your Xiaomi Mi Band 2 to show you the text of the notification, and, unless you do scuba diving with the bracelet on, the 50 meters water resistance will not do you any good. Although, if on the other hand you spend a lot of time in the sun, and you need to be able to see more clearly the time, yes we recommend the purchase due to the increase in the size of the screen and the brightness of it.


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