How to share a complete WhatsApp conversation: Whatsapp is a most common platform for conversation and a WhatsApp conversation can be so important sometimes. For example, you and your boss are discussing a meeting and your boss given you some important instructions that you have to share with your colleague but unfortunately, he doesn’t have WhatsApp. So in this situation, we can share the complete Whatsapp chat through Email. This was just an example but there are many reasons that where this guide would be helpful for you.

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The first thing you should keep in mind that you must maintain the privacy of the other person. so make sure there is consensus before sharing the chat and that it does not contain anything personal. WhatsApp already has this feature, so you do not need anything apart from the app. Of course, we will guide you step by step on How to share a complete WhatsApp conversation.

How to share a complete WhatsApp conversation

Here is the step by step guide that you can follow if you want to share a complete Whatsapp Chat with someone. With this feature, you can send the complete Whatsapp conversation as a Text Document through Email.

Keep in mind that this will send complete chat from beginning to end (*it will Not include deleted chat). So make sure it doesn’t have anything that you don’t want to share.

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Steps to share a complete WhatsApp Chat

1. Open the conversation you want to send as a text file and tap on 3 Dot button.

2. Now choose the More option.

3. You’ll see an Email Chat Option, Choose this option.

4. Now WhatsApp will prompt some Email clients, Choose the email app which you want to use.

5. You’ll be able to see a text file in the email attachment, so Enter the recipient’s Email and send the chat.

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So this is the very easy way to share a complete WhatsApp chat through Email. This would be very helpful for future proofs in some cases. Hope this guide would be helpful for you If you want any other tutorial, tell me in the comment section or text me on Facebook.


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