In the last Post, we saw the new Lite app by Instagram called Instagram Lite. Now Spotify also launched the Lite Version of the Spotify app. This new Spotify app is made for the users who don’t have a good phone to run the original Spotify app.

Spotify Lite: New Small size app By Spotify

The new Spotify app is just 4-5 MB in size and it works exactly same as the original Spotify in terms of listening to music. Yes, you wouldn’t have all the features and animations that the Big Spotify app has. The original app is About 30-40MB in size so it has animations and many adjustment features that you’ll miss in this Spotify Lite app. The Original app’s moded version is also available so you can get premium Spotify features for free.

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Best Option for 1GB RAM Phones

Every Lite app is made for users who have low-end mobile devices and don’t have enough storage and RAM. Spotify Lite is a great app for the music lovers who own a phone with 1Gb of ram. This app is just 5MB in size so low storage devices are also capable to run this app.


The original App consumes more than 100MB after Installation and this app just takes 15MB storage.

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Spotify Lite Features

  • Play your favorite songs and artists
  • Discover new music
  •  Enjoy playlists made just for you
  • Use, less data
  • Small app, installs fast
  • Keep track of storage and data
  • Works on all Android phones
  • Works in all network conditions

Features you’ll miss in Spotify Lite

They reduced the size it means they have surely removed some features. The main feature that they removed is the Offline play feature. Other then this the song quality will also be affected.

Download Spotify Lite

Spotify Lite is available on The Google PlayStore but it’s limited for some countries so maybe you’ll see a message something like “This App is not available in your country”.

Don’t worry because you can download app APK file from the link given below.

Spotify Lite APK: Download here

Spotify Lite
Spotify Lite
Developer: Spotify AB
Price: To be announced


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