Android terminal is the tool which helps you to run LINUX packages and scripts on your Android Device.

Android terminal

Linux is a very powerful Operating system and mainly used in hacking and penetration testing. Android Os is also based on Linux so it’s quite similar to Linux but running Linux packages in Android never been an easy task, but now it’s possible!! yes you can now run Linux tools like Nmap, Metasploit, Recon-Ng and you can also install Python, PHP, Ruby and almost all Linux tools and scripts so now you can use Your Android device as a hacking device.

I wanted to write a full guide about this topic but I already uploaded a video on our YouTube Channel and I have briefly explained about installation of this app and usage of this app in the video and as we know you can understand things easily when  we watch it so it’s better that you should watch this video and then install the app directly from the link given below or if you are reading this on Computer then you can Scan the QR code to download the App on your Phone.

Here is the App:

Developer: Fredrik Fornwall
Price: Free



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