If you are a video game lover you have surely played games on Play Station or PS. Everyone has their favorite games to play on PS and old PS like PS2 had some amazing games that we have played. Now we don’t get much time to play games on Play station or maybe those games are not available for the newer version of Play Station.

Best ps2 emulator for android

If you want to play those old memorable games and you don’t have any native device to play them, don’t worry, we are going to play them on Android phone. Yes, you can play PS2 games on Android with the help of PS2 emulator for Android.

The Best PS2 emulator for Android 2019

There are many PS2 Emulators available for Android. These emulators allow us to play PS2 games on Android. Most of these Emulators are not that great because either they need a really powerful mobile phone or they ask you to pay for the features.


Today we are going to check out a really great and free PS2 emulator for Android which works fine in a mid-level configuration device and has many features that you can use for free. This also has a pro version if you want to get an ad-free version.

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Why would you need PS2 Emulator for Android in 2019

There were many games like “God Of War “,”Mario Bros “, “Sonic” those are very famous for PS at that time. Now some of them also available for Android but not all PS2 games are available for android. SO you can use Ps2 Emulator for Android and play Play station games on Android.

DamonPS2 Pro the best ps2 emulator for Android

DamonPS2 Pro is not a disappointment, it’s really a ps2 emulator for real. The emulator is famous now and you can find many YouTubers playing PS2 games on Android. Here is the video uploaded in the official channel of the emulator.


Features of DamonPS2

Some of the best features that you can find in this best PS2 emulator for Android are listed below.

  • FULL HD Resolution
  • Bilinear filter textures
  • Possibility of using PS2 BIOS for greater compatibility
  • Support for OpenGL ES 3.0 and 3.1
  • Support Multi-format: * .iso \ bin \ img \ nrg Format
  • Android 5.0 and higher.

Download DamonPS2 Emulator for Android

The emulator is available on Google play store and that’s the free version. You can also Download the full featured version from Uptodown. After downloading this you just need to browse the PS2 games you have on your device.

You probably need PS2 BIOS that you can download from here.

Download free version

Download Paid Version

Download From Uptodown


The difference between the free user and the paid user :

  • The paid version is ad-free
  • Gamepad support
  • Paid version supports the PS2 memory card to save/load game state
  • Support for HD1080p (3x ~ 5x PS2)

What do you think of this ps2 emulator for Android? It looks Amazing and has great reviews too. You can leave me a comment below in the comments box I would love to read your impressions.


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