Best applications to edit audio on Android: Previously we have talked about some really cool applications for Android like Best Spying apps for android 2018  and Best photo editor apps for android.  This time we bring you a new collection of applications to edit audio on Android that will surely be of your interest.

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In addition, all the applications exposed here are completely free, so you can try them all and choose the one you like most.

Best applications to edit audio on Android:

That current smartphones and tablets have more and more power is not an open secret. Thanks to the developers, we can take advantage of that same power through games and applications aimed at creating content. and if you want to use your mobile for video editing you also have some apps. and now we’ll see some Best applications to edit audio on Android.

we bring you a complete list of the best applications to edit audio on Android. Let’s see them all below.

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1. Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert mp3

Yes, the name is not the most successful for an audio editing application. However, it has just been proclaimed as one of the most innovative applications of the Google store. And it is not for less, because it incorporates options ranging from basic audio editing (cut, copy, paste, mix, join, separate, etc.) to the conversion of files in different formats, whether videos or images. In addition, it has some interesting functions such as text to audio transformation and the editing of advanced parameters such as bitrate  or playback speed.

Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert Mp3
Timbre: Cut, Join, Convert Mp3

2. Music Studio Lite

For those passionate about music production, Music Studio Lite is surely one of the best application for this field. Despite having a paid version, the free version seems sufficient if we are going to make a relatively basic use of it. Like any other DAW, it has recording tools for both audio and MIDI instruments, as well as options for mixing and equalizing the tracks.

Best applications to edit audio on Android
Best applications to edit audio on Android

3. MixPad Music Mixer Free

This is the most complex application of the three. If you like to handle recordings with different tracks, MixPad Music Mixer is your best option. Despite having a somewhat rough and unintuitive interface, it is one of the most powerful audio editors on the Google store. It has multitrack recording, equalization and mixing tools and multiple effects applied to the tracks. The paid version unlocks some of the options mentioned above, but the free version is equally usable.

Best applications to edit audio on Android
Best applications to edit audio on Android
MixPad Multitrack Mixer
MixPad Multitrack Mixer
Developer: NCH Software
Price: Free


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